Baltimore Ravens Credit Card

Baltimore Ravens Extra Points Credit Card

This edition of the Baltimore Ravens features many familiar faces, perhaps too many. There is no question the John Harbaugh’s Ravens are a talented group. The lingering question is “has experience become aged”. At some time age must catch up to the great Ray Lewis. All- Pro safety Ed Reed is even more vulnerable in the secondary. These gifted veterans again remain key components in a defense that has been feared by opponents for almost a decade. On offense Joe Flacco matures and improves each year, but the real weapon on offense is RB Ray Rice. Rice takes the pressure off Flacco and the passing game when given a little room to run. If Rice doesn’t touch the ball at least 20 times per game, the Ravens are in trouble. Torey Smith has become a go to WR who Flacco looks for when he needs a play downfield. Playoff here we come – we just don’t know how deep we will go.