Cincinnati Bengals Credit Card

Cincinnati Bengals Extra Points Credit Card

Head Coach Marvin Lewis enters the season optimistic after a solid run in 2011 and the emergence of QB Andy Dalton as a key leader to his offensive unit. WR A.J. Green continues to improve with experience and will be Dalton’s main threat as he looks down field. This combination could be together a long time and prove to be one of the leagues best as they both mature. RB’s Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis and Brian Leonard will be the work horses for the ground game. Green-Ellis proved to be durable and reliable in his earlier stint with the Patriots, so look for more of the same this year. There are no superstars on defense, but rather a group of solid players who when they play together provide a more than adequate defensive unit. An exception to most teams in the NFL, the Bengals have some depth at CB with Nate Clements, Adam Jones and Terrence Newman all solid veteran players. You never have enough CB’s in this league, but Cinci has some talent and depth at the position.