Houston Texans Credit Card

Houston Texans Extra Points Credit Card

This could be the year for the Texans! Head Coach Gary Kubiak has talent on both sides of the ball and if healthy, this roster could challenge for their first Super Bowl title. They can be that good. QB Matt Schaub is not a spectacular QB, but continues to improve each year he is in the league. He is also blessed with tremendous weapons in Arian Foster and Andre Johnson. Balance is the name of the game in Houston and Schaub does an excellent job of orchestrating the attack. Defensive Coordinator, Wade Phillips has similar talent on the defensive side of the ball. It is hard to believe the Texans could loose a player like Mario Williams to free agency and not miss his presence, but with JJ Watt leading the charge, the defensive line is just fine. LB Brian Cushing is one of the league’s best and will provide another solid year. The parts are in place for a run at the title.