Kansas City Chiefs Credit Card

Kansas City Chiefs Extra Points Credit Card

This will be the year when the Chief’s find out if they got it right when they signed QB Matt Cassel from the Patriots a few years ago. His inconsistency has frustrated the fans and this is a do or die year for Cassel’s tenure with the Chiefs. Behind him are Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi, neither which have done enough to win the job from Cassel. The club needs better production at the QB position or they will find themselves looking for help in the free agent market or draft in 2013. Jamaal Charles is a special back, but he can’t carry the entire load. Playing 8 in the box versus the Chiefs has become a standard practice to contain Charles and force Cassel into throwing the ball. WR Dwayne Bowe is an accomplished, but not spectacular target for Cassel. The defense appears to be strong. LB Derrick Johnson continues to improve and has all pro skills. The secondary is led by two of the best young defensive players in the league in Eric Berry and Javier Arenas, who is also a dangerous return man. Many believe Dontari Pope was a stretch in the draft, but if motivated Head Coach Romeo Crennel may have found a run stuffer for years to come.