Buffalo Bills Credit Card

Buffalo Bills Extra Points Credit Card

Owner and CEO, Ralph Wilson has been patient with head coach Chan Gailey, but the pressure is clearly on for the upcoming season. The Bills have committed to QB Ryan Fitzpatrick for the long term and need to see more production from the offense side of the ball. C.J. Spiller and the arrival of Fred Jackson should provide a potentially potent running game. Steve Johnson seems to be a viable threat at WR, so the weapons are there for an improved performance offensively. The Bills wooed DT Mario Willams from the Texans in the off season and expect him to solidify the defense line and take the defense to the next level. LB Shawn Merriman’s return to form would certainly be a pleasant surprise and add some additional flexibility to the Buffalo defense. Wilson expects the Bills to compete for a playoff spot n 2012. If they don’t, look for major changes.