Pittsburgh Steelers Credit Card

Pittsburgh Steelers Extra Points Credit Card

Head Coach Mike Tomlin continues to bring toughness and physicality to the Steelers and this year will be no exception. James Harrison will continue his Pro-Bowl caliber play at OLB and anchor the defense. Troy Palamalu, is one of the games best safety’s when he is healthy. His health becomes a bigger concern each year as he continues to battle injuries. A healthy Palamalu transforms the defense from good to great. This year a lack of depth may rear its head making health a real priority. Ben Rothlisberger remains an elite QB and will continue to rely on WR Mike Wallace when he needs a big play downfield. The Steelers are counting on RB Rashard Mendenhall to carry the load on the ground and allow Rothlisberger to manage a balanced attack. He too must stay healthy or the Steelers could become more one dimensional than in the past. Look for rookie Chris Rainey from Florida to bring some speed and excitement to this team.